Scale your Marketing team with confidence

Built to help small, medium and large teams manage amazing campaigns at scale.

Plan Builder carefully crafted
for producing winning Marketing Plans

Design, organize and analyze your plans with tools created specifically for marketing teams,
because we know everything else out there may help doing the trick but you shouldn't need to make compromises in the way you work.
Finally, a Plan Builder created by marketers for marketers.

You define what success looks like

Clicks? Visits? Cost per lead? Easily setup custom metrics and targets for each campaign and activity according to what's more relevant for your business.

As you put your campaigns together, live dashboards are automatically generated to help visually keeping track of your results so you are alwyas on top of things.

Stay on top of your budget's invoices

Not the other way around.
With NXT, the days of forgetting unpaid invoices in your inbox are over. The same structure created for your plans can be used to track results and reconcile invoices and payments. Not having to manage all of it from multiple spreadsheets will save hundreds of hours of your precious time every year, so you can focus on improving results.

Simply confirm amounts spent, upload any supporting documents you may need and they will instantly be logged as campaign expenses.

You can even create approval flows and submit invoices for approval or payment by adding team members to your workspaces.

We'll help you:

Smartly structure marketing plans

Build marketing plans as if you've always done it. Our team is made of well-experienced marketing professionals with many years bringing products to market and building brands across multiple industries.

All that experience has been built into the NXT platform. Whether you're a marketing veteran or is just getting started, we will turn you into a marketing superhero.

Don't know where to start? We've got you covered. We created 15+ templates that you can use whether you're promoting content on Social Media or launching you next big Brand Awareness campaign.

Run your marketing operation from a single destination

Have you ever seen yourself having to put a plan together in a spreadsheet, using a completely different one for reporting results and barely managing to keep track of invoices related to all that? We did too. NXT is here to save all of us from the multiple-spreadsheet apocalypse.

We created one single destination to seamlessly manage all your marketing operation. Build marketing plans, use what you've built to keep track of results, manage expenses, approvals and more.

Save more time for what really matters

Aren't you tired from needing to create long presentations to report results every week, month or quarter? We know, we've been there. The 21st Century demands 21st Century ways of doing things.

We integrated beautifully designed charts into NXT, so you can easily share results with your team at any point and save time to actually optimize your campaigns.


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Bring your campaigns to life.

  • Single Workspace
  • Up to 1 Team Member
  • Up to 1 Campaign
  • Up to 20 Activities per Campaign
  • Basic Support

on an yearly subscription

Best for individuals, entrepreneurs and small startups.

  • Up to 1 Workspace
  • Up to 3 Team Members
  • Up to 10 Campaigns
  • Up to 100 Activities per Campaign
  • Premium Support

on an yearly subscription

Best for medium and large businesses.

  • Up to 5 Workspace
  • Up to 10 Team Members
  • Up to unlimited Campaigns
  • Up to 1000 Activities per Campaign
  • Premium Support
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  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Campaign Items
  • Premium Support
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