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About NXT

NXT offers a management solution for marketing operations. With NXT's platform, you can easily plan and manage your budgets, run plan approvals, manage vendor invoices and invoice approval flows, report campaign results and share them with the rest of your team.

Most marketing teams are used to creating multiple spreadsheets and slide decks to plan, present and report the results of their work. You don't need to create your plan in one place, report your results in another and track your expenses somewhere else anymore.

NXT centralizes marketing operations which makes managing your marketing plan much more efficient.

With NXT you can:

  • Easily build your marketing plan
  • Analyze potential results, make adjustments and submit your plan for approval
  • Report results based on your approved plan structure
  • Track invoices and control expenses based on the vendors and activities in your plan

NXT has been created to make work easier for anyone working in a marketing operation from the CEO and CMO to the Marketing Intern. It can also facilitate integration with Finance and Accountancy teams by providing better visibility of planned and executed expenses, invoice payment statuses and enabling integrated approval flows.

Marketing operations is the backbone of a marketing team. It combines people, budgeting, marketing technology, performance measurement and processes to enable marketing to operate efficiently and to scale with quality and consistency.

The key to an effective marketing operation is to focus on driving results and creating great content. NXT helps achieving that by eliminating tasks that previously wasted resources and time in repetitive manual labor such as filing in spreadsheets and chasing team members for approvals.

A marketing budget is the estimated amount to market your products or services in a given period of time. It usually includes all marketing costs, like software licenses for marketing teams, advertising, costs to run marketing initiatives, such as events or produce photos and videos, salaries for the marketing team, etc.

Product questions

NXT centralizes key information related to your marketing operations, from building your marketing plan to reporting results and managing which expenses have been paid and what's still pending. That helps your team save a lot of time in unnecessary manual labor, which was previously wasted putting together spreadsheets and slide decks. It also provides everyone in your team with better visibility around the marketing work that is being done, besides improving processes by offering a better tool, specifically designed to manage marketing operations.

With NXT's Plan Builder, you can quickly put a plan together with our Plan Building Wizard. You can also easily organize and set your plan up for success by adding key metrics, assigning vendors and labels. NXT's intuitive interaface makes it easy to analyze your plan even while you are still putting it together so you don't risk needing to start over because something had been misallocated - we know, we've been there as well.

Once you're all set, share your plan with the rest of your team to get everyone else's approvals.

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NXT's Expense Manager automatically identifies activities in your plan assigned to each vendor and creates potential expenses, which can be confirmed or edited according to your actual costs. Once expenses are confirmed, you can upload invoices, setup tax amounts and submit vendor invoices for approval.

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With NXT's Performance Dashboard, the key metrics of your campaigns are automatically added to a dashboard while you are building your plan. Once your campaigns start, simply add the results from each channel to update the dashboard. It's really as simple as that!

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